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Estill Voiceprint Plus (w/ Figure Recordings & Testing Protocol)

Estill Voiceprint Plus (w/ Figure Recordings & Testing Protocol)

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Estill Voice Training® empowers us to see, hear, and feel the voice differently. We created Estill Voiceprint Plus as an audio and visual tool to enhance this multidimensional process.

Estill Voiceprint Plus is a real-time spectral analysis program that can display, record, and playback the voice. For the speaker or singer, it provides meaningful feedback about pitch and voice quality to promote focused, deliberate practice. For the teacher and clinician, it is an effective way to engage clients and accommodate different learning styles.

The new Version 7.0 is fully compatible with the latest macOS and Windows operating systems. It also includes many updated voice examples that demonstrate the certification tasks for Estill Figure Proficiency and Estill Master Trainer.

For downloads, a download link and user key will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

NOTES:  This software is for PC or Mac OSX only.  It is not compatible with iPad, iPhone, or other iOS mobile devices.

Menus, support, and help files are only in English.

For group and multiple license purchases (schools, organizations, etc.), contact 

Software is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.  Only two downloads of the program are allowed.  Must download software within six months of purchase. Login credentials can be replaced within one year of purchase unless a new version of the software is released (then the only option will be to buy the newest version of Voiceprint). 

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Speakers, singers, and therapists are using this unique and powerful system every day. Our cutting-edge system, valuable voice feedback tools, and standardized certification program can help you achieve your personal vocal goals!