The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners Teaching Package

Our voice training curriculum empowers young learners to achieve their vocal goals.

Vocal knowledge is vocal power 

Using our science backed, data driven program for training the voice, students learn about thirteen vocal structures that influence voice quality. Each structure is introduced through fun introductory exercises and then described in a thorough yet easy to understand way. Figures for Beginners encourages students to make their own vocal observations and includes fun poems, raps, and songs to help put knowledge into practice. 

Materials that inspire 

Our teaching package includes a physical copy of "The Estill Adventure: Figures for beginners," a bright and lively PowerPoint companion that coincides with the book, and three complementary lesson plans prepared by Estill Lifetime Achievement Award-winner Esther Spadaro

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)

Our STEAM-focused curricula incorporates both art & science. Estill Voice Training uses science and technology to teach voice. STEAM-focused curricula increases student happiness and well-being, encourages better problem-solving skills, and fosters creativity and innovation.