Voice Evaluation Suite (VES)

Voice Evaluation Suite (VES)

Voice Evaluation Suite (VES)

VES beats the competition with superior, research quality outcome measures*
*when using recommended peripheral package

The Voice Evaluation SuiteT (VES) is a computer program that automates the collection, analysis, storage, and retrieval of standard clinical voice measures.

The VES is a convenient way to back up your perceptual judgments with robust acoustic data for evaluations, progress reports, or research.

  • Save Time: Collect data with a Point and Click – no further adjustment required
  • Calibrate with Ease: Use simple calibration procedure for valid SPL
  • Read-to-Print: Load results into report form automatically, space provided for entry of aerodynamic findings
  • Easy Recall: Store measures and sound files in database for review, comparison
  • Network Access: Employ database browse feature for multiple users

Data collection is initiated by clicking the on-screen form in the area of interest with the mouse. Clicking in each subject area of the form brings up secondary controls for collection of the associated measures using the microphone, preamplifier, and computer sound card. This graphical interface makes all of the patient's results immediately and continuously visible and simplifies the process collecting large number of measures required for each patient. The completed on-screen form can then be printed and retained in the patient's medical records. All recorded data are stored in a patient record database and can be recalled on subsequent patient visits for comparison.

VES greatly simplifies the task of the Speech Language Pathologist by providing the capability for sophisticated voice measurement with a user-friendly computer interface. The details of the audio signal processing required to make these measurements is handled entirely by the software, leaving the Voice Clinician free to concentrate on the patient's progress rather than on making engineering decisions about equipment settings. VES also consolidates in one program all of the significant voice measures that in the past have required separate hardware and computer software programs with no coordinated means for recording and maintaining patient records.

Special features include:

Robust Acoustic Analysis

Simply point and click to collect and analyze acoustic data or enter aerodynamic measures-no further adjustments required. Integrity of the sound signals is ensured when coupled with the Tascam pre-amplifier and digitizer.

Easy Calibration

Easy to access calibration procedures ensure valid and reliable SPL measurements.

Paperless Reports

Acoustic results automatically load into an on-screen record that can be printed in seconds or saved and transmitted electronically

Database Storage

Search and recall records quickly to review and compare treatments.

Network Access

Multiple users may access record databases via network connections

VES also offers a reader friendly User's Manual, system default reference values (or load your own), spectrogram displays of sustained vowels.and more.

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