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The Estill Voice Model: Theory & Translation Book

The Estill Voice Model: Theory & Translation Book

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The first official resource on Estill Voice Training available to the general public, this book explores the scientific foundation of the Estill Voice Model with basic anatomy & physiology for each Figure, translation of the Estill terminology for the artist and clinician, and significance for vocal living and performance. With sources from world-renowned voice researchers and Jo Estill herself, this book is an essential part of any voice library. 

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"Steinhauer and Klimek admirably incorporate Estill's previously unpublished words alongside their own explanations of each element of the Estill Voice Model. The resulting text is comprehensive in its depictions and descriptions of specific vocal function in a way that furthers the legacy of, and serves as loving tribute to, their beloved teacher and mentor." -Brian Manternach, Classical Singer Magazine


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